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Repair My AC Unit Indoor Air Quality

Many people aren't aware that the air indoors can actually be worse for you than the air outside your home or workplace.

While the outside may be polluted from cars, factories and other things, the air inside is full of allergens and toxins as well, and it doesn't blow away with the wind. Everything from drywall and paint to cleaning products and gas to moisture and bits of skin collect on your walls, furniture, carpets and clothing to create an atmosphere of unfresh air.

The 7-Star Service Company of Austin and Round Rock specializes in air filtration systems, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and decontaminating UV lamps for the improvement of your indoor air quality. You spend most of your time indoors, so why not put energy into cleaning it up ? even the things you can't see!

Allergens and pollutants are unpleasant, but don't come close to the danger of carbon monoxide. This invisible, odorless and tasteless gas can collect in enclosed spaces to create a lethal contamination for any living thing in the building. Trust our technicians to test for carbon monoxide, and rest easy knowing we've protected you against this ultimate invader.

In addition to air quality systems, we offer all sorts of heating and air conditioning service. Design, installation, repair and replacement are all available from our expert team. Browse our website to learn more!

For the best indoor air quality, air conditioner, furnace and other HVAC services in Austin and Round Rock, contact 7-Star Service Company. We look forward to working for you!