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Air Conditioner Repair – Pflugerville, TX

Living in Texas is already hot enough, the last thing you need is your air conditioning unit going out. A broken air conditioner can you leave you feeling uncomfortable inside your home and inside your wallet. With 7-Star Service Company, we can repair your broken AC unit at an affordable cost 24/7. If you need AC repair in Pflugerville, give 7-Star Service Company a call. We can service any type of AC unit and get it back up and running again in no time.

Common Air Conditioning Unit Problems

You can’t control when your AC unit decides to go out however you can take preventative action by getting routine ac maintenance.

Some of the most common air conditioning unit problems our technicians see are:

  • Air conditioner won’t turn on
  • Weird noises occur on startup
  • Warm air exits the supply registers
  • Unit hums but the fan doesn’t work
  • Fan runs but the compressor isn’t working
  • Pooling water around the AC unit

Air Conditioner Not Working?

There are ways to ‘self-diagnose’ what might be wrong with your ac unit. Here are some common causes of air conditioning systems not working and how a 7-Star Service Company technician can repair them:

    • No power to the AC unit: There can be many reasons why there might not be power channeling to your ac unit. It could be due to faulty wiring, tripped breaker, or your AC overheated. If the power went out for an extended period of time, perhaps your air conditioner needs to be forced to turn back on. Our technicians can address any of these power issues and make sure your unit is back up and running properly again.
    • Condensate Drain Line is Clogged: An AC unit is outside therefore it’s prone to get algae, dirt, nests, and other debris build up which over time can clog the condensate drain. Also, switches are being added onto drain lines which eliminate the ability for proper drainage. This could potentially lead to water damage unless addressed by a technician early on. It is important to keep this clean to allow for drainage to be cleaned and flushed out.
    • Evaporator coil is frozen: We don’t often get nights where it freezes down here in Texas, however, it is still possible for the cold weather to freeze the evaporator coil. Continual operation at night, low refrigerant levels, poor circulation are just some of the causes as to why your evaporator coil is frozen. A frozen coil will make the air feel warm. Call a technician right away to unfreeze the evaporator coil and start cooling your Pflugerville home once again.
    • Fan motor is defective: Fan motors go out on AC units just like a motor can go out on anything else. One of 7-Star Service Company’s service technicians will be able to repair or replace the defective fan motor.

Broken Air Conditioner

Air conditioners don’t last forever – 12 years is the average lifespan of a standard ac unit. The moment they fail is often the moment you need them most. Not every broken air conditioner however requires you to purchase a brand new one. Often a technician can come in and repair your unit at an affordable rate.

At 7-Star Service Company, we offer competitive air conditioning repair prices backed by quality repair service. Our technicians come fully prepared to assess the unit and make ONLY the necessary repairs with your consent.

Let us cool off your wallet and home with affordable air conditioning repair service. Call 7-Star Service Company in Pflugerville, Texas today!

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