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Air Duct Repair – Pflugerville, TX

Air duct repairs usually come up when Pflugerville homeowners start to notice lots of dust piling up around their home. Overtime, ducts can wear down causing leaks. Also, during the installation process, flexible ducts get bent and tossed around creating tiny holes that don’t become noticeable until later. Air duct repair is crucial to improving overall air quality in your home along with increasing overall home efficiency. If you are starting to notice a spike in your electric bill or lots of dust lying around your home, contact 7-Star Service Company. We can handle all the air duct repairs your home requires.

Ductwork Repair

Are you noticing hot or cold spots throughout your home? Does the air conditioner run longer than it should? If you are experiencing any of these problems, perhaps you need to repair your air ducts. Repairing damaged air ducts can significantly lower electric costs and promote a more comfortable temperature throughout your home.

Repairing leaks and gaps in air ducts isn’t something that anyone’s naked eye can always see. 7-Star Service Company’s technicians have the necessary tools to detect any minor or major leaks. From there, we assess how large the repair will be and take the next necessary steps to repair the ductwork. There are two types of ductwork commonly found in Pflugerville homes; sheet metal and flex ducts.

Sheet Metal Duct Repair

Sheet metal ducts used to be the most widely used ductwork. However, sheet metal ductwork is not as commonly used as it is nearly impossible to replace existing ductwork with sheet metal ducts.

Flex Duct Repair

Flex ductwork works in tandem with sheet metal ductwork. These ducts branch off the main duct to reach the vents. They are typically made up of folding plastic material with insulation around it. The biggest, most obvious advantage to flex ductwork is that they can adapt to almost any space, however, are do require repairs to be done more frequently as they are more susceptible to leaks as during the installation process, contractors have the tendency to make too many turns and bends as they run the flex duct through the house.

Common Duct Repair Problems

Extra dust lying around your home

Rodents making home’s within the walls of your ducts

Old, worn down ducts falling apart

Ripped flex ducts resulting in leaks

If you think your home is experiencing any of these common duct problems, give 7-Star Service Company a call. Our team will come in and repair the ductwork that is leaking for an affordable rate.

Affordable Ductwork Repair

Oftentimes, homeowners think they can repair the broken flex ductwork for a lower price than what a professional would cost. We do not recommend trying to repair ductwork long-term by yourself. Ducts play a huge part in fueling your electricity bill to be way above what it should. Without proper duct seals, you are wasting heat or cool air as it is not reaching its destination as it should. We offer affordable ductwork repair services in and around the Pflugerville area. Crushed ducts, ripped ducts, or any other type of damaged duct, 7-Star Service Company can repair them all.

Improve your home’s efficiency with quality air duct repair service from 7-Star Service Company in Pflugerville, TX. Call us today to set up an appointment for one of our service techs to come out and repair any leaky, bent, or damaged ducts.

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