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Furnace Maintenance – Pflugerville, TX

Furnace maintenance isn’t often the first thing you think of when temperatures start to drop. Although your heater might not get used that often, routine maintenance is required on home heaters and furnaces, even in Pflugerville! Without proper maintenance, the heater could be releasing harmful carbon monoxide into your home. Take the proper steps to keeping your family safe with affordable routine furnace maintenance from 7-Star Service Company.

Annual Heater Tune-Up

You often take your children to a doctor every year for their annual check. You should do the same with your heater. Annual heater tune-ups are required to increase the longevity and health of your heater. Without a routine tune-up, your family could be left shivering the night away come the first chilly night in Texas. Proper maintenance will help to ensure your heater will work properly on the first chilly night.

Annual service is cheap and necessary to maintain proper health for your home and family. You wouldn’t wait to service car and you shouldn’t wait to service your heater either. 7-Star Service Company offers the most precise furnace tune-up that will help you save some money, headaches and stress down the road. Our technicians are properly trained to service your homes heater in a timely and efficient manner. If we notice anything that needs to be repaired or replaced, we will consult you, the homeowner, prior to replacing or repairing the piece.

Furnace Maintenance Tips

7-Star Service Company recommends scheduling routine furnace maintenance prior to the winter months. Even though we live in Texas, we do get some chilly nights and you don’t want to leave your family shivering in the cold all night!

Below are some furnace maintenance tips to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining your homes heater:

  • Keep vents clear
  • Make sure the thermostat is working
  • Change air filter at the start of each heating season
  • Schedule an annual service check-up with a tech from 7-Star Service Company!

Just like you go to the doctor every year for an annual check-up, your furnace needs to too! 7-Star Service Company highly recommends getting your Pflugerville homes heater inspected every year to increase not only the longevity of it but to help keep your family safe from any possible system failures or fire hazards.

Pflugerville’s Trusted Heater Maintenance Team

7-Star Service Company is Pflugerville’s trusted repair and maintenance team when it comes to servicing your homes heater. We are highly rated and offer competitive pricing that won’t break the bank. All our technicians are professionally trained to service any type of heater or furnace. Our team goes beyond the 5-Star expectation to provide 7-Star quality maintenance to keep your home warm during those chilly Texas nights. 7-Star Service Company is available 24 hours a day so when you go to turn the furnace on and night and it’s not coming on, you’ll know who to call!

Call 7-Star Service Company today to get affordable and reliable heater maintenance before the next cold front comes through!

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