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Furnace Repair – Pflugerville, TX

Living in Pflugerville, it’s not often that you need to run your heater. We all know that every year, the night you turn on the furnace, it’s not going to work and will require a heavy amount of furnace repairs. Be prepared this winter and get your furnace repaired prior to the first freeze. Don’t be stuck wearing coats, hats, and gloves indoors; call 7-Star Service Company to come out and repair your broken furnace.

Common Furnace Repairs

Heaters break down over time just like anything else does. Some of the main reasons why your furnace might not be working will vary. Dirty air filters or other dirty components won’t allow for air to flow through therefore the system cannot run.

  • Furnace/Heater won’t turn on
  • Strange noises are coming from the furnace unit
  • Main burner light won’t stay lit
  • Furnace blower stays on constantly

Replace or Repair Your Furnace?

You never know if it is worth repairing your furnace or just replace it until you’ve dumped thousands of dollars into repairing it. Do your research ahead of time so you know if it’s worth spending the money to repair your furnace unit. Don’t spend thousands of dollars repairing an older system that includes lots of other components that are likely to fail and therefore need to be replaced. Save money, both in utility costs and repairs, with a new furnace. By replacing your existing furnace, you will be granted with new warranties and a new, functioning furnace for your Pflugerville home.

Key factors to keep in mind when deciding whether to replace or repair your gas furnace or electric furnace:

Age of system: Gas and electric furnaces have a lifespan of 15 – 20 years. If your unit exceeds or is approaching that age, it’s in your best interest to invest in a new furnace unit.

Dated technology: Technology is changing all the time. Just like your phone, when new software comes out, it’s best to update it. You’ll be able to take advantage of smart features and increased efficiencies, saving you money on your utility bills.

Cost or repairs: Repairs can be costly, and they add up quickly. A good rule of thumb is that if the cost of furnace repairs is going to equate to 50% of a new furnace unit, it’s best to replace your existing unit with a new one rather than keep investing in repair costs.

Size and capacity of system: If you have recently upgraded the windows in your home, siding, gotten a new roof installed, anything to make your home more insulated and energy efficient, perhaps you should consider downsizing your existing furnace unit. This will not only provide better comfort throughout your home but also help cut back on operating costs.

Performance of system: Are you constantly adjusting the thermostat to stay comfortable? Is your unit making lots of noises upon startup? If you are experiencing any of these issues, perhaps it’s time to replace your gas furnace unit. By the time you invest the time and money into repairs, it could end up costing about the same or more than a new unit would.

To make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck, have a service tech from 7-Star Service Company assess your furnace. This will provide you with the feedback and cost estimates to help make your decision easier as to if you should repair or replace your furnace unit. Our technicians will be able to provide you with the guidance and expert opinions on whether you should repair or replace your furnace unit.

Accurate Furnace Repair Service

Whether you have a gas furnace or electric furnace that needs to be repaired, 7-Star Service Company is your team to call. Our team of professionally trained service technicians will come out to your Pflugerville home, diagnose the problem and only repair what needs to be repaired on your gas furnace or electric furnace. If more problems arise while we are doing the furnace repair, we always run them by our customer prior to beginning any service repairs. Our goal is to not only repair your broken furnace, but to build a relationship with you. The 7-Star Service team is well versed in heating repair and our technicians are prepared to service electric furnaces, natural gas furnaces, boilers, and electric and gas heat pumps.

For affordable, reliable, accurate furnace repair service in Pflugerville and surrounding communities, turn to 7-Star Service Company. Give us a call today! We offer 24/7 repair services.

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