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Furnace Replacement – Pflugerville, TX

Furnace replacement isn’t something that’s on every Texans mind come fall as we know that we don’t get many chilly days that require you to run your in-home heater, but it never hurts to be prepared with a working furnace. If your furnace isn’t working properly and you are tired of dumping money to have it repaired, why not replace the existing heater with a new one from 7-Star Service Company.

Are You Ready to Replace Your Furnace?

Are you tired of spending money multiple times a year on furnace repairs? Perhaps it’s time to invest in a furnace replacement. Often a furnace replacement is more cost effective than repairing parts individually. Our technicians will evaluate your current furnace or heater and assess whether it would be more cost effective for you to fully replace your unit or if it can handle a few more inexpensive repairs.

Replacing a furnace can be an overwhelming experience. Our service technicians have expertise in choosing the appropriate heater suitable for your Pflugerville home. From deciding whether you need a single stage furnace or two stage furnace, to choosing the appropriate size of furnace, our techs can handle it all!

Key factors to look for before replacing your furnace are:

Age: Furnaces and heaters have a lifetime of about 15 – 20 years. If your unit is approaching those numbers, perhaps it’s in your best interest to look at investing in a new unit. Once they become too old, they end up costing more to repair and financially, it is better to purchase a replacement unit.

Cost of repairs: Depending on how many repairs the existing unit needs and how extensive they are, the more cost-effective solution might be to replace your furnace. Consider the long-term investment of keeping your old furnace and heater. Those repair costs are going to pile up and could result in you spending more on repairs than the cost of a new, energy efficient unit.

Utility expenses: On average, how much are you spending on your home’s heater? Does it seem like you are paying too much for how little you use it? Chances are you are paying more than you should be. If you have recently added new windows, had a new roof installed, or done any other improvements that will help lower costs, you should do the same with your furnace. Replace the energy-sucking unit with a more energy efficient unit!

Furnace Installation

The day has come. Your furnace has finally bit the dust leaving you in desperate need of a new furnace installed as soon as possible! 7-Star Service Company offers new furnace installation in and around the Pflugerville area. Our systems leave our customers wishing they had to run their heater every night! We install top of the line, highest quality and rating heaters for all our customers. Each home and customers needs are different which is why our technicians evaluate your home and your comfort desires in order to provide you with a new furnace that will suit your lifestyle. If you are in need of a furnace installation, let us help you! We are available 24/7!

Friendly, Reliable Furnace Replacements

7-Star Service Company can provide you with any brand of heater to replace your existing one. We provide professional furnace replacement service and furnace installation for Pflugerville residents and surrounding communities. Our technicians are professionally trained and know how to properly assess a broken heater versus one that needs a few minor repairs. We only install top of the line, reliable heaters in our customers’ homes. We won’t ever install anything we wouldn’t put in our own home. Our name is more than just a name; our team does everything in its power to provide you as a homeowner a 7-star experience.

For more information on our furnace and heater replacements, give us a call!

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