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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality – Pflugerville, TX

Many Pflugerville homeowners don’t know that indoor air quality can be worse for you than outdoor air quality. While outdoor air is fumed and polluted with cars, factories, and other things, the air inside your Pflugerville home is surrounded with allergens and toxins. Indoor air does not blow away in the wind; it stays circulating throughout your home. Everything from drywall and paint to cleaning products and gas, moisture and bits of skin collect on your walls, furniture carpets and clothing to create an atmosphere of unfresh air. 7-Star Service Company recommends having an indoor air quality test run every couple of years to ensure you are breathing the clean air.

Indoor Air Quality Solution

7-Star Service Company specializes in helping residents around Pflugerville improve indoor air quality. We can provide an indoor air quality solution tailored to your families needs. Our team of technicians specializes in air filtration systems, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and decontaminating UV lights as indoor air quality solutions.

Allergens and pollutants are unpleasant, but don’t come close to the danger or carbon monoxide; the invisible, odorless and tasteless gas. Carbon monoxide can collect in enclosed spaces to create a lethal contamination for any living thing in your home. Put your trust in our technicians to test for carbon monoxide, and rest easy knowing we’ve protected you and your family against this ultimate invader!

UV Lights

UV lights are commonly used in hospitals and clinics to keep both air and medical surfaces clean and disinfected. However, they are becoming more common in households. UV lights won’t be the cure-all solution for poor indoor air quality problems however studies have proven them to be very effective in bettering indoor air quality.

UV lights can be installed by a professional at 7-Star Service Company. Our technicians will install a single or dual UV lamp, depending on the size of home, within your ductwork. This lamp then emits a continual germicidal light on all indoor air that flows throughout the ductwork in your home. These UV lights are capable of penetrating the DNA of microorganisms (mold) and can disrupt their reproductive cycles eliminating the germs that could be spreading. Since your system runs multiple times a day, the indoor air quality will receive constant disinfection treatments via the UV lights. After just one run of the cycle, as much as 50% of contaminants may be destroyed creating cleaner air quality for your home.

We install the following brands of indoor air quality control products:

Improve Indoor Air Quality Today

Improve the indoor air quality in your Pflugerville home today! Start with an in-home evaluation of your home’s indoor air quality with one of our professionally trained service technicians. 7-Star Service Company has been helping Texas residents breathe cleaner, safer air with our indoor air quality program and UV light installations for over 15 years. You can’t control what goes on outside the walls of your home but you can control what’s on the inside and that’s ultimately what matters most. Protect the ones you love with better indoor air quality. Let us take on your home and get you on the path to cleaner air!

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