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Mini Splits

Mini Splits – Pflugerville, TX

Air conditioner mini splits operate differently than traditional air conditioning systems. These systems use zoning strategies, allowing you to heat one room at a desired temperature rather than your whole Pflugerville home. They also eliminate traditional ductwork, to increase energy-efficiency throughout the home. If you are someone who doesn’t need to heat their whole home but rather a few rooms, perhaps you should consider a minisplit unit. Let 7-Star Service Company help save you money with a new mini split AC unit!

How Mini Split AC Units Work

Do you find your bedroom doesn’t stay cool in the summer or warm in the winter because your current in-home AC system doesn’t circulate the air throughout your home evenly? Mini splits have two main components – an outdoor compressor and an indoor air-handling unit which create direct air flow, heat or air conditioning, to the desired room. One part of the mini split is located inside the desired room and the other is located outside.

Ductless mini splits are great for room add-ons where accessing ductwork is not feasible. They provide any room with a comfortable, consistent room temperature. Depending on your home, a mini split ac unit makes most sense if you are:

  • Adding a new addition
  • Heating unused rooms
  • Serving multiple needs
  • Adding AC to a house with no existing ductwork

Imagine sitting in comfort in your sunroom or office, reading a book without the humming noise of a furnace. Mini split units run quietly while generating lots of warmth. Provide year-round comfort while being 40% more efficient than a traditional system with a new mini split electric heater.

One downside to installing a split system in your Pflugerville home is that the unit will have to be mounted to a wall rather than tucked away via ductwork.

Ductless HVAC Systems

Installing a new furnace can be a pain, especially if you have to have new ductwork installed. With minisplit systems, there is no need for ductwork. These are ductless HVAC systems that can easily be installed in any room. In fact, ductless HVAC systems are the latest catchphrase in the HVAC industry. These systems are ideal if you are phased with the situation of running heating along the baseboards or having to install a window unit. Mini split units do not rely on air ducts to carry heat or air throughout your home and are designed to heat a single room or a zone of rooms.

Ductless HVAC systems are less vulnerable to air leakage unlike window units. If you can look past having the unit in your bedroom, office, or sunroom, your wallet will thank you later! Ductless mini splits are exceedingly energy efficient as air does not need to transfer through ductwork, increasing the amount of ‘wasted’ heat or air. These systems also have inverter-driven compressors which can speed up or slow down based on the needs of the system.

Mini Split Installation

A mini split installation generally costs more to install than traditional AC systems or furnace systems do. However, in the long haul, you will end up saving more on your electricity bill. The mini split installation process is simple. A technician from 7-Star Service Company will be able to install your new unit within a few hours, leaving you little to no down time without air conditioning.

An advantage to a mini split installation is the ability to set up zoned comfort solutions. Multi-zone solutions allow individualized control for up to either zones in your home from one single outdoor unit. Single-zone solutions connect one outdoor unit to one indoor unit providing individual comfort control to a single defined room in your home.

Minisplit units do require routine maintenance just like any other system in your Pflugerville home. To maintain your ductless HVAC system, you’ll have to wash each filter monthly, perhaps more if you have pets that shed or if you smoke. Neglecting to wash each filter can cause your unit to not work properly which then requires a professional to come in and thoroughly clean the unit, costing you hundreds. The life of your unit will also decrease if you neglect to clean each filter properly.

We install the following top rated mini splits:

Improve Airflow Throughout Your Home

Quiet, discreet, and the most efficient way to control the temperature in any home, mini splits are arguable the way to go. Ductless mini splits can save you hundreds in the long run and give you the ability to control temperatures in each given room rather than setting a temperature for your whole Pflugerville home. If you are considering having a mini-split ductless HVAC system installed in your Pflugerville home, consult a professional from 7-Star Service Company first as these systems require additional steps to create adequate ventilation for your home.

7-Star Service Company has over 15 years of experience installing mini split systems. Call today for more information and to find out if a new mini split system is right for you!

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