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Thermostats – Pflugerville, TX

Take control of your Pflugerville home’s air conditioning and heat settings while improving energy efficiency with a new thermostat. There was a time where all thermostats where the same and each one operated the same way. Not anymore! Today, wireless thermostats are taking over the market. Wifi thermostats give you the capability to monitor and adjust your home’s comfort level from nearly anywhere. New thermostats also help homeowners monitor and maintain lower energy consumption. Make your home the right temperature with a new wifi thermostat installed by the professionals at 7-Star Service Company.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats are the thermostats that most older homes still have installed in them today. They allow the user to set the temperature on a set schedule based on the day and time. These systems are more regulatory thermostats meaning you set the schedule, they stick to that. Programmable thermostats can generally be installed as a direct replacement of another thermostat requiring little to no other setup. If your programmable thermostat appears to not be maintaining the schedule you set, perhaps it’s time to get a professional from 7-Star Service Company out to assess the unit. We can repair or replace your existing programmable thermostat for an affordable rate backed by quality service.

Wifi Thermostats

The latest craze when it comes to in-home thermostats is wifi thermostats or smart thermostats. Wifi thermostats also have a programmable feature built within however, they have the ability to learn and adapt to your homes schedule and behavior patterns. These thermostats can sense when everyone has left the house to when they will return and adjust accordingly. Wifi thermostats, have the ability to be programmed and adjusted through a smartphone. They also go beyond what a normal thermostat does. Many wireless models can create analytics meaning they have the capability to monitor energy consumption and help a homeowner save on energy. Wireless thermostats also provide email communications which give the homeowner a better understanding of their energy use. Smart thermostats do require a few extra steps when first being set up however, once they learn your behavior and schedules, you hardly will ever have to manually adjust the thermostat in your Pflugerville home again!

Quality Brands

7-Star Service Company works with top thermostat manufacturers to help stabilize your home’s comfort level while reducing energy costs. Some of the brands we work with are:

Nest Thermostat
Ecobee4 Thermostat
Trane Thermostat
Carrier Wifi-Thermostat
Honeywell Thermostat

Be comfortable in your home

7-Star Service Company works with some of the best thermostat companies to help you maintain better comfort within the walls of your home. Wireless thermostats have powerful features incorporated that adapts to your life and season changes. 7-Star Service Company encourages you to consider updating your existing wired, programmable thermostat for a wireless thermostat.. These not only allow you to do more with your Pflugerville homes heating and cooling but also will help you save on energy.

With control at the touch of your fingertips, wifi thermostats make life easier. Call 7-Star Service Company for more information on wifi thermostats and to have a wireless thermostat installed today!

Some Examples Of WIFI and Wireless Thermostats

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