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Air Conditioning Service – Austin

Just when you least expect it, your air conditioning unit decides to quit on you, of course on the hottest day of the year. No need to fret over it! 7-Star Service Company offers 24/7 AC unit repairs. Our team of technicians analyzes your unit prior to beginning any work on it. If a total replacement is more cost effective than repairing the broken parts, we will recommend that and quote you before any work is done. We always run everything by the homeowner prior to conducting work.

Air Conditioning Repair

Living in Texas, we run our air conditioning units nearly every day. Without a working AC unit, you could be left sweating in the heat of the summer. With 7-Star Service Company, we can repair your broken AC unit at an affordable cost no matter the day or time. We have service calls available 24/7 so you never will have to be left for very long in the heat. You can’t control how long the air conditioner plans to work however, you can take preventative measures and get routine maintenance done on your unit every year.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance is an affordable service that should be performed routinely. AC filters can easily become the most dangerous part of your AC unit if not maintained properly. Neglecting necessary air conditioning maintenance issues ensures a rapid decline in the life of your unit. Air conditioner filters aren’t the only part that require maintenance. For all routine air conditioning maintenance in the Austin area, trust 7-Star Service Company.

Air Conditioner Replacement

More times than not, it seems that our technicians find it to be more cost effective to fully replace the existing unit rather than repair the parts that aren’t functioning properly. The average homeowner isn’t aware if the unit needs to be replaced or if a few repairs will do the trick. 7-Star Service Company has professionally trained technicians that will be able to evaluate your air conditioner and tell you how much it would be to repair the unit as well as the cost for a new, energy efficient unit. Replacing an AC unit often saves money down the road as they are more efficient than ever before.

Ductwork Repair

Are you starting to notice a lot of dust piling up around your home? When’s the last time you had your ducts cleaned or even checked? If you can’t remember, perhaps it’s time to have your ducts checked and cleaned. Leaky ducts also create unevenly distributed air throughout your home making some rooms really warm and some left cold. Leaky ducts can cost you hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. Get your ducts checked or repaired and start saving on your electric bill.

Ductwork Replacement

Ductwork (or the HVAC system)  is a critical part of your home’s AC unit and heater transferring heat or air throughout your Austin home. If you start to notice the air or heat running for longer than it should or are noticing cold or hot spots throughout, perhaps it’s time to have your ducts looked at and possibly replaced. Ductwork needs to be replaced if an animal has built its home or if there are significant leaks that cannot be repaired. Stay ahead of the curve and get your air ducts cleaned and replaced right when they need it. You’ll thank us for helping you save hundreds on your electric bill!

Furnace Repair

In Austin, it’s not too often that you need to have the furnace running however, on the night you need it most, of course it’s not going to work! For all things furnace repair, let 7-Star Service Company come to the rescue. Be prepared for the winter season and get your heater repaired if you start to notice strange noises coming from the unit, the furnace blower is staying on constantly, or if it won’t turn on. Our team of professionally trained service technicians will come out to your home in Austin to evaluate the repair work that needs to be done on your gas furnace or electric heater; whether it be the boiler, heat pump, or the whole furnace, our team will know how to repair it and have it properly running once again!

Furnace Replacement

Tired of spending money on furnace repairs? Perhaps it’s best to invest in a new heater for your Austin home. Furnace replacements are affordable and will not only help save you money, they will help keep your family comfortable on a chilly night by evenly distributing heat throughout the home. Just like anything else in life, heaters age and wear out over time and end up costing more to repair than it would be to replace the unit. 7-Star Service Company will assess your heater and help you find a replacement furnace at an affordable cost.

Furnace Maintenance

Even though you might not run your furnace a ton, it is still in your best interest to have routine maintenance performed to increase its longevity and health. Annual service is cheap and will help maintain proper health for your home and family. Don’t wait to have maintenance done on your heater until it’s too late. Call today for quality and affordable furnace maintenance.

Efficient HVAC Services

For all things heater, air conditioner or ductwork, turn to 7-Star Service Company. We value each of our customers and love building a relationship with them for future services they might need done for their homes HVAC system. If you are in the Austin area and are in need of a few repairs or are looking to lower your electric bill, give us a call. We will get a technician out to inspect your existing unit and recommend repairs, a replacement or some routine maintenance to be done.

Call 7-Star Service Company today for air conditioning, heater, or ductwork maintenance, repairs, or replacements.

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